Guess-The-Word Game


This strategy is a game that teaches synthesis of phonemes into words. By playing this game students will be able to blend the word so they can understand the sounds in the word. This strategy can be used in any subject area. Students will be assessed by guessing the word correctly.


  • The teacher places picture cards of objects in front of the children.
  • The teacher says a word using “snail talk” (example: /fffflllaaaag/)
  • The students guess the word the teacher is saying. They guess in their head first.
  • The teacher now asks the students one by one or as a class to identify the word.




This strategy is perfect for students learning how to put sounds together to make a word. It will help students take a stretched out word and blend it together. This strategy is great for teaching kids phonemic awareness.


Chard, D. J., & Dickson, S. V. (n.d.). Phonological awareness: Instructional and assessment guidelines. Reading Rockets. Retrieved from


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